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About Us

Society of Transport Engineers Nepal (SOTEN) is a professional organization, established in 2009 by a team of enthusiastic engineers working in transport sector in Nepal. Its membership includes transport engineers working in government agencies, private firms and busines, and academic institutions. The Society is dedicated for professional development by generating and disseminating the knowledge and sharing the professional experiences.


To be the Nepal’s most representative professional institution committed to promote the use of globally best practices for the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of transport infrastructures.


  • To create the national platform for knowledge generation, dissemination and experience sharing in the transport sector by organizing conferences, workshop, seminars, and publishing the proceedings and periodicals,   
  • To collaborate with Government, non-Government, academic, and private sector institutions on the issues of transport planning, policy and management.
  • To establish linkages with national and international professional societies for mutual benefits,
  • To promote the use of technical evidences confirming the state art technologies in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructures to enhance safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsive transport system.
  • To create the public awareness on the public policies, regulations, plans and implementation challenges of such plans for the overall benefits of nation in the transport sector,
  • To protect the rights and welfare of the engineers working in transport sector giving the preferences to the professionalism and dedication for wider national interest,
  • To collaborate with national as well as international Research institutes in the transport field.


Collaboration with Government

  • SOTEN as the leading professional organization in the Transport Sector in Nepal is dedicated to supporting the related Government agencies on the preparation and/or review of national policies, regulations, plans and strategies for the wider national interests on the development and operation of sustainable transport system by:
  • Raising awareness among general public as well as professional communities on the government policies, plans and implementation strategies,
  • Assisting in the preparation and updating the technical guidelines standard normative documents based on the emerging technologies and global best practices,

Collaboration with Academic Institutions

  • SOTEN is esteemed to collaborate with the academic institutions in the field of research and development for aligning the initiations to the industry and professional field by:
  • Conducting seminars and interactive sessions for ‘academia-industry’ collaborations,
  • Collaborating for research and development with university Professors and students,
  • Organizing the Graduate Seminars on the Master’s level research works,
  • To organize orientation programs for the fresh graduates to motivate in professional moral and ethics,

Collaborations with Professional Organizations

  • SOTEN, as a professional entity, envisages to play a leading role contributing to the nation development issues in the broader aspect of policy formulation dissemination, and implementation and the choice of appropriate technology for Nepal. For the purpose, SOTEN is eager to establish linkages for mutual benefits with domestics and foreign Professional Organizations.
  • SOTEN is the member of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS). Similarly, it has adopted collaborative approach with Nepal Engineers’ Association and other Engineers’ Societies for enhancing the engineering profession and contribution to the entire society.
  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops
  • SOTEN, with the objectives of knowledge generation, dissemination and experience sharing is taking initiatives for organizing the national and international symposiums and conferences on the relevant global as well as national issues. It has already launched the series of seminars and talk programs in the form of ‘Transport Dialogue’.  
  • Publications
  • SOTEN, having the enthusiasm on the knowledge dissemination and experience sharing has taken the means of publication of conference proceedings and periodicals on the technical issues. Furthermore, it has targeted the collaboration with Government agencies for the publication of technical guidelines, code of practices and standards on the various topics of transportation engineering such as design, construction, operation and maintenance of transport infrastructures.


SOTEN organized an international Symposium on “Transport and Economic Development” on 18 September, 2014. Similarly, it has conducted several national workshop seminars on the pertinent issues.

SOTEN has organized several online workshop and webinar on various issues of transport sectors.


There are three types of individual memberships. Registration requirement for the membership is as:

Honorary Member: It is awarded to the person with the remarkable contribution in the transportation field without having an academic degree of Engineering. Honorary membership is awarded without any membership fees.     

Fellow member: Members of the SOTEN can be promoted to the Fellow Member having the criteria of: age (more than 40 yrs.); professional experiences (more than 15 years) and contribution to the society; publication of research works in reputed International Journals of the transport sector. This membership is decided by the two-third majority of the Executive Committee members.

Life and General member:

Person having age of 25 years;

Person with Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and the professional experiences of 3 years in the transport field;

Person with Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering or equivalent and professional experiences of 3 years in the transport field;

Associate member: person having Bachelors of Engineering degree (professional experiences less than five years) and person having the Master’s degree in Transportation or equivalent Engineering (professional experiences less than three years)  

Institutional member: the membership could be awarded to the organizations (academic, industry, Government/Non-government) by the decision of two-third majority of the Executive Committee.